Friday, December 7, 2007

Webmaster Needed

Calling all WebMasters....

Team FREDNET is searching for a webmaster. We need someone familiar with web technologies, html, shtml, javascript, java, cgi, css, layout, and design who is willing to join our team as the principal designer and maintainer of all the content on all of the Team FREDNET web sites. Space enthusiasts are especially welcome and called to participate! This is an Open Source project.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here along with your contact details. (Email addresses should be in a robot-proofed format, and will be deleted after we have read them.)


Alex said...

Well, I know html, javascript, java, and css fairly well. I've never touched cgi or shtml but I'm a pretty quick learner if any of that is needed. I like to think I have an ok design imagination, but I could improve a bit there too. Ive made several websites in the past, none of which have been very major. Most of my sites have been learning experiences, bar my last one which was actualy published on my highschool website. If your looking for someone more knowlaged than I, thats totaly understandable. I figured i'd just throw my resume into the pot!

Frank said...


My name is Frank Tudor and I would like to help you with your website.

Please contact me at: frank_tudor at yahoo dot com.


fjbourgeois said...

Thanks for the offers guys -- we have a couple of people working on new web sites for us now. They may need some help in the future as the site grows. In other words, please join the forum, and we will probably be calling on you in the near future.

robriggen said...

I'm a certified PHP Web developer. My specialty is relational DB (MySQL) design and complex Web applications development.

I am very interested in your project and I am absolutely transfixed by the moon and space in general.

Please let me know if I can help.

rob at riggen dot org

Markus said...

I don't see that people are working on your site - it is still so "90's" while your project is all other than that!

If it doesnt work with the guys that have told you they have knowledge with the stuff (there are many who think that, but dont have it) then leave me a message, I could do it and get together a team of people who are good at the things they do.

Mail me at mm (at) mpathy (dot) de

alex said...


I'a Drupal developper which is one of the best Open source platforms around. i would be really interested in being the webmaster for your project and would also be willing to donate a lot of time to create a very effective multilanguage social network, site and blog.

Please contact me if interested at info (at) geekomatik . com !!

I really hope to work on this,