Saturday, December 29, 2007

Team FREDNET In The News!

Friday, December 28, 2007.

This morning, CNBC featured Fred Bourgeois of Team FREDNET, reporting on one of the newest members of the Google Lunar X Prize challenge. Fred Bourgeois and his team of engineers demonstrated remote control of their prototype rover vehicle. The team gave CNBC reporter Jane Wells the opportunity to control the robot from a laptop in San Jose, CA. The rover itself meanwhile negotiated a simulated lunar landscape in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The brief exhibition proved the feasibility of a remotely controlled vehicle across thousands of miles.
This sampling of upcoming developments demonstrated that Team FREDNET moves with great purpose toward the Lunar X Prize.

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Gaetano Marano said...


a """"Google"""" prize???


fjbourgeois said...

Greetings Senor Gaetano:

I read your site a long time ago. Congratulations on having your idea stolen by people with more money and media exposure -- it has happened to me and every other inventor of great ideas over and over again, and it will probably happen again many times in my lifetime. I've found that I can worry and fret and fume about it, or just move on and create more new and better ideas. I suggested a competition such as this to my friends in high school (we were all NASA kids, many of our parents worked on the Saturn V). Now you and I and everybody else have the opportunity to take advantage of Google's promotion of your idea (or maybe my idea, or somebody else neither of us ever knew) and use this incredible amount of publicity by Google and X PRIZE Foundation to do something truly remarkable! Just think, _Google_ is footing the bill to bring this space exploration idea into the mainstream. That is a good thing.

Your choice is now, do you want history to remember you as someone who complained about Google stealing your idea, or would you rather join a Team of individuals from around the world who are going to win Google's money and use that as a seed to fund future space exploration projects? You're an idea guy and you are welcome to join with us -- together, our Team is going to change the world: and _when_ we win, your next big idea *will* have your name on it! :-)

Most Sincerely,
Fred J. Bourgeois, III
Leader, Team FREDNET --
The First and ONLY International 100% Open Source Competitor for the Google Lunar X Prize
"Just because it isn't easy doesn't mean it isn't fun."