Friday, December 7, 2007

The Team FREDNET Forum Is Live

The Forum is now live and ready for posting.

I am looking for a better faster method of deleting off topic users from posting to and joining the forum. Suggestions are welcome, please leave them as comments to this post.


david said...

Two things come to mind:
tiers of users and forums, and keyword requirements. They could be used in concert. I am not sure what you do now. Interesting problem. I am not a blog person but I wouldn't mind helping out with this if I could. I am a mechanical engineer turned programmer. - Dave Pechter

dennisdahl3 said...

Consider an evolving fill-in-the-form based system. Though cumbersome, and perhaps a little clunky, forms with popups for subject and other identifiers would give some organizational stability. This could also abate less driven participants. With a potential of tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of contributors, the system has to be automated. I think SETI is familiar with task assignment concepts. Add to that expertise from DIGG’s voting system and some of the filtering work could be done by users themselves.

The development of this system may likely foreshadow how humanity learns to work together. It’s about time and thank you so much for your role in this.