Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jaluro off the Leash

Let's round off this week with some breaking news about Jaluro and a story about just how crazy we are.

Jaluro is now off the leash! You may remember the first Jaluro video posted about 6 weeks ago when Tobi was making the first tests using a wired connection. Now, Jaluro has got a wireless control and Tobi recorded the video below showing his first outdoor tests using the wireless interface.

We were also happy to see some clear evidence (see NASA and Caltech Test Steep-Terrain Rover) that the two-wheeled concept is a very viable option for planetary exploration. We wish Jaluro could get the same media attention as JPL News ;-)

The evening before Tobi recorded this video, we were hanging out on our IRC channel (#teamfrednet) having some casual chats about "stuff". Suddenly, Tobi got the idea of setting Jaluro up so that Anders and myself could send commands to it from Copenhagen! Before we knew it, we were also broadcasting it live via so that everybody on the channel could watch Jaluro do something as we were sending commands to it. It was a crazy Thursday night that ended around 3 AM CET. You can read the IRC log here.

By the way, anybody is welcome to hang out on our IRC channel. It is #teamfrednet on or you can use a web interface (choose a real nickname instead of mib_***).

I'll be back next week with more crazy news.

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